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1957 Gibson Les Paul Special, TV yellow-blond, #7-3975, EX++, in Brown hard shell case, with "Buffalo Band" stenciled in blk. on top of case.

1975 Gibson Les Paul "58" Reissue,TB sunburst, # 99-122757, has sm. dark spot in top, near toggle switch.

Any information concerning the whereabouts of one ,or both of these guitars, and the 1964 Fender Dlx. Reverb Amp, that was taken at the same time( no serial#), in Arlington Virginia, will be appreciated, and be kept confidential! Please call Bill Holter at 703-914-2126, Fax 703-914-1044, or email

1962 Fender Stratocaster, Sunburst, #91687, stolen from Maryfield, Va. Please contact Vintage Sound

12/12/03 Stolen in Greenwood, South Carolina from Ron Goldman
A custom Hamer Duo Tone in jazzburst. This is a hybrid, semi-hollow Duo Tone Hamer.
Featuring a mahogany neck and a body capped with an Ivoroid-bound spruce top.
A 3-way toggle switch lets you choose either the electric Duncan-Designed hambuckers,
Piezo acoustic bridge pickup or both via 2 separate 1/4" output jacks. On the back
of the guitar are active trim pots to adjust the acoustic sound to your particular taste.
This guitar is some-what golden colored, with a caramel color towards the outside of the
guitar. the serial # is Hamer 151688.
A reward will be offered, no questions asked for the return this Hamer guitar.
Call (864) 223-1549 if you should see this guitar. Click here to email: Ron Goldman

10/22/03 From the Seattle Washington area...Bad news...Be on the lookout for the following instruments:

I came home to my house burglarised. If any of you see stuff in the classifieds, on ebay or in pawn shops in the Seattle (especially South Seattle) area I'd greatly appreciated being contacted at

The guitars that were stolen are... some of my #1s...

1)Suhr Tele with 2 buckers and a single, Floyd, maple board (really dirty) quil top...color Fireball

Here is a link to photos of the guitars:

Early Friday morning 4/13/01, Frank Black & The Catholics'
trailer containing all of their musical instruments and equipment was stolen while parked near the Philadelphia Airport. What follows is a list of the stolen instruments, amps and gear. Please be on the lookout for this stolen gear. Please pass this on to anyone you know who may, in the course of business, buy, sell or trade musical instruments or this type of equipment, or anyone who might be able to help. Should you identify any of this stolen equipment, please contact me at the email address or numbers below. Of course, we would appreciate any and all information that might lead to the recovery of this gear. Thanks & Regards,
Ken Goes
Mgr. Frank Black & The Catholics
TEL    508 636 3334
FAX   508 636 3332

Fender Precision Bass Guitar    604578
Fender Precision Bass Guitar    329564
Fender Telecaster Guitar    26673
Fender Telecaster Guitar    166209
Fender Telecaster Guitar    231549
Godin Guitar    ?
Gibson SG Jr. Guitar    836489
Gibson Les Paul Custom with black w/rose apliqués Guitar    ?
Sho-bud Pedal Steel Guitar    7655
Guild Guitar    FS-46EJ10010
Gibson Les Paul Jr. Guitar    ?
Gibson SG Guitar    81664524
Mullen Pedal Steel Guitar    2421
Fender Deluxe Amplifier    A04088
Fender Deluxe Amplifier    200442
Fender Twin Reverb Amplifier    A07555
Vox AC-30 Cabinet    N/A
Vox AC-30 Amplifier    12812b
Vox AC-30 Amplifier    13827
Vox AC-30 Amplifier    M-19999-41-1600-B
Bag End Cabinet    230027
Trace Elliot Amplifier    6130169
Trace Elliot Cabinet
SWR Amplifier    2362725
Alesis QS6 Keyboard    S68003978
Drum Claws
Whirlwind imp-2 Microphones
Sennheiser 409 Microphones
Shure SM - 57 Microphones
Shure SM - 58 Microphones
Shure SM-91 Microphone
AKG 451 Microphones
AKG D112 Microphone
Countryman Direct Boxes
Microphone Case
Yamaha Kick Drum    MBD1122-LM-3720
Yamaha  Snare Drum    SD455MO587
Yamaha Tom Drum    MTT-1116-LM-3723
Yamaha Tom Drum    MTT-1112-LM-3710
Yamaha Tom Drum    MTT-1105-LM-3744
Yamaha Snare Drum    SD20756-ID-3955
Zildjian Cymbal Set    N/A
Yamaha Drum Hardware    N/A
Guitar Tuners    N/A
Guitar String Sets    N/A
Guitar Bags    N/A
Aphex Compressor    AX1085861
Sentrex Power Supply    N/A
Guitar Pedals    N/A
Pedal Steel Guitar Seats    N/A
28 Flight Cases

Other Stolen Gear
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