Day 1, Marrhi, 11,050', H.P., India ęBill Holter

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1) 8/18/99
Start ride: 8:00 AM Manali to Marhi
Ride: 5 hours total
Total Miles: 30
Start Altitude: 6000ft.
Ride: all uphill
End Altitude: 11,050 ft.
We ride out of Manali at 8:00AM and up to the end of the valley. From there we climb switchbacks for four hours up to the village of Marhi. At the edge of Marhi, I made the mistake of challenging Mr. Ugs (Urgen Lama ) to a race to the campsite. He left me in the dust. As we sat in the dinner tent having some chi, a blackened figure approached the tent. He was a very dirty Englishman (blackened by diesel exhaust and dust) who had just ridden back from Leh in Ladakh. He rode his bike from Delhi to Kathmandu, Kathmandu to Shimla, Shimla to Leh, and was now going to ride back to Delhi! We gave him some chi and listened to his stories. A bold adventure but not for the faint of heart! Riding the plains of north India on a bicycle is to play chicken with trucks and busses, day And night. They spare no one.