T-Style "Danny Gatton"

S-Style Deluxe






Notice: We do not have any Joe Barden pickups in stock at this time. Joe Barden pickups is now back in business and can be reached at http://www.joebarden.com/main.php This page is here for archival purposes only, for the time being. Thanks!

All Joe Barden Pickups are designed to fit standard pickup routs with no modifications to the instrument. All pickups are also supplied with a wiring diagram, hardware and multi-conductor shielded cable to allow for all wiring possibilities using standard passive controls.


This is the pickup that started Joe Barden Pickups. Originally designed for Danny (with him testing every step of the way), it has become the first choice of working pros worldwide. The tone of these pickups can be described as absolutely vintage, with enhanced fidelity that most player never thought possible. The output of the neck pickup is equal to the bridge pickup, giving you, for perhaps the first time, a completely useful neck pickup and balanced tone combinations. While the output level of these pickups greatly exceeds those of stock pickups, the authentic tone of your instrument is retained, and hum and squeal are completely eliminated.


The S-Style Deluxe is our top-of-the-line "S-Style" pickup. Similar to the Danny Gatton pickup (the "T-Style"), the tone of the S-style Deluxe is absolutely vintage, output is high, with hum and noise completely eliminated. This pickup is incredibly sensitive, giving you a wide range of tones and output levels simply by adjusting the height of the pickup. With this set-up the neck pickup is too bluesy for words, the "In-between" settings are wonderfully hollow, and the bridge pickup has strength, response and twang typically reserved only for the "T-Style." The unique staggered-blade design of the bridge pickup, common in all Joe Barden bridge pickups, eliminates drop-outs on the outer strings.


The S-Style Standard is a variation of the S-Style Deluxe which fits into a stock pickup cover. This pickup is for players who want to preserve most of the original appearance of their guitar while still getting the benefits of a Joe Barden Pickup. The tone of the S-Style Standard is quite similar to that of the S-Style deluxe, with the output and sensitivity falling somewhere between the S-Style Deluxe and a stock pickup.


The HB is designed for players who are looking for ani mprovement in tone, sensitivity and output, without being saddled with an inherently distorted or muddy sound. Wound separately for both neck and bridge positions, the incredible low-end clarity and overall high sustain of the HB makes it suitable for virtually any purpose, from blues to rock to jazz.


The HB Two/Tone has an alternate (and easily wired) tone that is shocking close to that of a single-coil and series/parallel modes archaic and obsolete. The regular mode of the HB Two/Tone is exactly that of the HB; full, clear and with seemingly endless sustain.



Joe Barden Pickup Types and Prices.
Alas, these were the prices that I sold them for as a dealer. You could have bought them through the 1990's at these prices. Where were you?

The Danny Gatton Model T-Style........$130.

The S-Deluxe..............$130.

The S-Standard............$105.

The Large Humbucker...........$135.

The Large Humbucking Two Tone.$150.


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